Johnny Depp Called ‘in Sick’ Prior To His Fourth Concert With Hollywood Vampires. But, A Lie Was Spotted In His Accountability Towards His Fans

After canceling his band performance with the ‘Hollywood Vampires,’ Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp was observed drinking liquor. This conduct seems to infuriate fans, since it appears that the actor has returned to his ‘undesirable’ habit of consuming alcohol. It seemed that Johnny Depp’s past had left quite some unwanted scars on his career and amidst battling his trials and tribulations in life, he wants to come back big. He returned to the spotlight with Jeanne du Barry, a French period drama that premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. He is an adamant music enthusiast as he recently showed interest in performing with ‘Hollywood Vampires’.

Hollywood Vampires is an American rock supergroup formed in 2012 with Johnny Depp as one of its founding members. The group’s fans were vigorously ardent to see Johnny Depp perform. The fans were anxiously longing to see him perform at the Budapest concert however their enthusiasm faded as when the manager announced that Johnny Depp wouldn’t be able to perform with the band today as he called in sick. This shocking news wavered the adamant fans’ hearts. The people who arrived in large numbers were thoroughly disappointed.

However, the revealed climax of Johnny Depp’s absence is disheartening. The citizens of the internet managed to acquire a picture of Depp drinking booze before the hours of the cancellation of the event.

Blikk quoted an insider as saying, “Everything was prepared, the stage was set, the background crew was also ready for the party. It didn’t even occur to me that there could be a problem, especially since the band members also did the sound setup scheduled for the afternoon. Nobody even thought about the fact that Johnny Depp didn’t take part, a colleague also set up his microphone, but this is not unusual for such stars.”

It also reported, “We heard so much that (Johnny) Depp partied too much, he couldn’t even leave the hotel. We also heard that, sure enough, a doctor was called in to see if there was anything more wrong than simply pushing rock stardom too far.”

The picture of Johnny Depp drinking angered the fans to a large extent. Reddit was overflowing with the Pirate of the Caribbean star being deemed irresponsible towards his actions and commitments.

The fallout of a committed rockstar from the eyes of the people is quite unnerving to view. However, the only hope that people have is that Johnny Depp will emerge from his ugly and distasteful habits and can sweep the spotlight away with his worthy performances.

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