Actors who could replace Ezra Miller as the Flash

Ezra Miller was recently arrested at a bar in Hawaii. The arrest was made on charges of disorderly conduct and harassment. Miller was set to play the role of “The Flash” in an upcoming movie. This news prompted social media users to lobby for a change in the casting of the superhero “Flash”. While things settle down and the filmmakers take a call on this demand of fans, we explore other actors suited for the role.

1.Grant Gustin

This is a fan favorite and is easily the best recommendation. He has played The Flash very, very well in the CW TV show. When Miller edged out Gustin for the role, many fans were very disappointed. We can see why. He has a proven track record and would be the ideal choice as Miller’s replacement.

Gustin’s portrayal won the hearts of countless fans. Of particular note were the intelligence and humility that he brought to the character. Some of the best scenes from the series are emotional moments involving him. This nuanced and very likable Flash would be perfect for the silver screen.

2. Tom Holland

Tom Holland already plays Spiderman for the MCU and many say that he would do well as The Flash. He has an excellent physique for the role and a wealth of experience to draw from. The English star is well-liked by fans and they would have no issues with seeing him as The Flash. He would look the part in the red costume. He has already shown that he can act well in many of his earlier roles. An experienced actor, like Holland, might just be what the role of The Flash needs to make it big.

3. Dylan O’Brien

Best known for his role as the protagonist, Thomas, from the maze runner trilogy, this actor is quite talented. We have seen his work in these films and can confidently say that he has what it takes to play a major superhero role on the big screen. His acting prowess is superb and he has to look to go with it as well. He also famously starred in the hit Television show Teen Wolf. His performance there was well appreciated and he made his mark in that role.

4. Liam Hemsworth

He comes from an illustrious background. His brother bagged the role of Thor for the MCU. He is quite an accomplished actor who has made it big in several big banner films. He has done an amazing job in roles in films like The Hunger Games, and Independence Day: Resurgence. On top of all this, he has the looks to pull off a superhero as well. All these qualities in him place him well as the potential next Flash!

5. Timothée Chalamet

Often regarded as one of the best young talents in Hollywood right now, Chalamet has an impressive list of films to his name. These include Interstellar, Dune, Call Me by Your Name, and many more. His work speaks for itself and he deserves top roles. His youth also plays in his favor as he could do the role for many years to come. Awarding him the role could be a great investment in the long run. Despite his youth, he is a mature actor and can play nuanced characters.

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