Disney unapologetic over thanking the Chinese Communist Party for Mulan

Mulan was released on the Disney Plus platform in September of the year 2020. Post the company made the decision to launch the movie in streaming due to the shutdown of cinema halls worldwide as a result of the pandemic. Time has passed but not everyone has forgotten that scandal over the film’s credits where thanks are given to the Chinese government for allowing them to record in their country, specifically in a territory plagued by controversy over the alleged abuse of minorities. The mouse company declares that it will not apologize!

Disney has been heavily criticized by British politicians for filming parts of Mulan in Xinjiang province where there are widespread claims that human rights abuses are being carried out on the Uyghur people by the Chinese Communist Party. The president of Walt Disney Studios motion pictures, said in an interview: “Chinese regulations prohibit foreign producers from operating independently and require them to partner with a Chinese production company.”

They shot majority of Mulan in New Zealand, but for reasons of authenticity they used 20 locations pan China, including the Kumtag Desert in Xinjiang.

Disney defended its case by saying: “The decision to film in each of these locations was made by the film’s producers in the interest of authenticity, and was in no way dictated or influenced by state or local Chinese officials.”

China has very clearly declined all the claims of a genocide as a lie, although the foreign minister Nigel Adams this week said it was a step forward that China admits the detention camps exist. China has been extremely secretive about those camps and local injustice. When Mulan It was announced a long time ago, animation fans were delighted with the news as they were dying to know the new version of the story.

There are many people who agree that Disney’s live-actions are totally unnecessary, arguing that they do not make important contributions to the original films and that their only objective is to exploit nostalgia.

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