Denis Villeneuve’s Realistic Approach to Sandworms in Dune: Part Two

The director of the upcoming Dune: Part Two, Denis Villeneuve, has equated riding on a sandworm to taking a “very intense Uber.”

Fans are still processing the lengthy “Dune: Part 2” delay, but the eagerly anticipated follow-up is already shaping up to become the cinematic event of 2024, thanks in large part to the increased emphasis on those monstrous, desert-dwelling beasts known to the inhabitants of Arrakis as Shai Halud. Of course, the lengthy delay was only made necessary because studios like Warner Bros. Discovery refused to bargain with both the striking writers and actors on a fair contract. The director, who has long been a fan of the books and has demonstrated this by expressing the desire to conclude this trilogy with a version of “Dune: Messiah,” is aware of the allure of the tale’s iconic worms. They are the natural defense of the planet.

Villeneuve discussed the difficulties involved in bringing Dune’s most recognizable monsters to life in an interview with Empire Magazine (via SlashFilm). The cast and crew weren’t sent to a sound studio to achieve the ideal shots because, obviously, sandworms don’t exist. He said, “Just because there are no real sandworms, doesn’t mean we’re going to go on to a soundstage. We were outside shooting sandworms in the real sun with real wind and real dust. Just because you don’t have one small element, doesn’t mean you throw away the entire concept of being honest and real.”

The publication of Dune: Part Two has been significantly postponed, moving from November of this year to March of 2024. It appears that Warner Bros. would prefer to postpone the release of its newest film than talk to the people who worked on it. However, fans will still be anticipating seeing some sandworms in action even if they have to wait until March.

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