Resurfacing Allegations: Examining Michael Fassbender’s Past Amidst Upcoming Movie Release

It was never evident that Micheal Fassbender was a domestic abuser. With the upcoming movie, ‘The Killer,’ starring Micheal Fassbender, his history of abuse resurfaced again. In March 2010, the ex-girlfriend of the actor requested a restraining order against him, requiring him to stay at least one mile away from her and her two children. Sunawin claimed that Michael had repeatedly physically mistreated her, and she also asked for $24,000 to cover the related medical expenses. The charges were fully described by Daily Beast in February 2018, with one of the events allegedly taking place after Michael became irate after an ex-boyfriend approached Sunawin, Michael, and two friends over dinner. Evidently, this rage persisted on the return trip.

Sunawin claimed Fassbender’s indecency, “Micheal was driving my car dangerously fast and screaming at me, I begged him to stop the car in the fear of an accident or for my children who were home asleep.” On March 23, 2010, TMZ became the first outlet to expose the allegations, just months after Michael became well-known for his breakthrough performance in Inglourious Basterds. The documents state that Sunawin put the car in park after hearing Michael yell at her while he was driving carelessly. Michael allegedly put the car in drive and ruthlessly dragged Sunawin behind it as she went to the driver’s side to remove the key from the ignition. She commented, on how this heinous act of abuse led to consequential injuries, “I went to the hospital and had a twisted left ankle, blown out left knee cap, and a burst ovarian cyst,” the filing read. “Lots of internal bleeding.”

A further incident of assault is alleged to have occurred in July 2009 at a film festival. Sunawin claims that after a night of consuming alcohol, Michael returned to their hotel room with a companion, and the two men attempted to get into bed with her. Sunawin claimed that she ultimately booked a different hotel room in an effort to be away from the men. The next morning, she discovered Michael “sleeping in urine.” She alleged that he slammed her over a chair and smashed her nose when she tried to wake him up for a job that he had.

Ultimately, Sunawin had to raise her voice against this injustice. She filed the petition and registered the “date of most recent abuse” as Nov. 18, 2009. But shockingly, Sunawin withdrew her plea for a permanent protective order one day before the hearing, and the judge’s temporary restraining order against Michael expired. It is unknown what caused her to withdraw her request. In the meantime, despite the serious charges against him, Michael’s career soared. Following Sunawin’s claims, the star found success in the films 12 Years a Slave, X-Men: First Class, and Prometheus.

But not everyone has been able to ignore Michael’s alleged actions, and this week someone used a well-known Reddit site to remind users about Sunawin’s allegations. Many Redditors responded by expressing their surprise at having never heard of the charges before. One user claimed, “Just goes to show how good famous people are at burying this stuff. I had never heard this.” Another person wrote, “Wtf,” and another added, “ “No mention of any of this in his Wikipedia page, good PR ppl is really all anyone needs to sidestep #metoo”

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