The judge dismissed the lawsuit alleging that Universal tricked fans of Ana de Armas into watching “Yesterday.”

The Universal Studios company was accused of misleading fans by using the star, Ana de Armas in the musical film, ‘Yesterday’s trailers even though she isn’t really in the movie in the proposed class action lawsuit. In a lawsuit filed last year, Peter Michael Rosza and Conor Woulfe claimed that after seeing the Yesterday teaser, they believed de Armas played a significant role in the romantic comedy. But when they watched it, they realized she wasn’t in the film. The actress is misrepresented as being a cast member in search results, according to the complaint.

However, the court determined that Woulfe “lacks standing” to file a lawsuit because his “injury is self-inflicted” because he rented the movie again on Google Play beneath an assumption that de Armas might be featured in a director’s cut. Wilson came to the conclusion that Woulfe didn’t watch Yesterday as a result of Universal’s claims that de Armas is a character in the film. Additionally, he discovered that there was no basis for thinking that the “version of Yesterday they accessed on Google Play would be a different version of the movie” from the one they had previously viewed.

De Armas was originally hired to play a love interest for Himesh Patel, but her sequences were omitted from the finished product. She and Patel are shown in the trailer displayed on the venue of James Corden’s talk show. The complaint alleged, “Unable to rely on the fame of the actors playing Jack Malik or Ellie to maximize ticket and movie sales and rentals, Defendant consequently used Ms. De Armas’s fame, radiance, and brilliance to promote the film by including her scenes in the movie trailers advertising Yesterday.”

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