Warner Bros. is too displeased to stream “The Flash”

With its most recent blockbuster films, Warner Bros. has been fighting an uphill battle. The Flash outperformed Shazam 2 regarding box office performance, making it the least profitable superhero film ever. Ezra Miller’s most recent product has now caused the firm too much embarrassment for it to be permitted to go on streaming.

The majority of films leaving theatres and showing up on streaming services appear to be decreasing month by month. Even Warner Bros. has rapidly made several of its larger titles available for streaming. Consider Batman as an example. Despite being a movie office hit, the Matt Reeves-starring film debuted on Max 45 days after it opened in theatres. This was probably done to take advantage of the movie’s hype and the fact that people could watch it at home as well as in theatres.

In an effort to recover some of the millions of dollars lost at the box office, Warner Bros. even made some outrageous promotional attempts, such as turning The Flash into an NFT. Although the outcome of that attempt is unknown, it was far too bizarre to have had a good chance of success.

The recent movie starring contentious actor Ezra Miller and Ben Affleck as Batman did not fare well at the box office. It will be remembered as the DC studio’s most significant financial failure in its lengthy history. And just when it seemed like The Flash had finally outdone itself in terms of embarrassment, IGN reports that Warner Bros. Discovery will be releasing the movie as an NFT that fans can purchase in order to access the film’s meager and unimpressive features, which are advertised as an “immersive Web3 experience.”

However, it seems that delay is probably related to the box office results and the shame Warner Bros. would experience if the mentioned movie also performed poorly on streaming services.

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