After a “stunt accident” on the set of the new movie Bride Hard, Rebel Wilson was taken to the hospital.

The Australian actress, Rebel Wilson, suffered injuries from a night shoot of her forthcoming film, Bride Hard. After a stunt on the set went wrong, Rebel Wilson was taken to the hospital and ultimately required sutures. After “a stunt accident” left her bloodied at 4 am on set in Savannah, Georgia, she posted a picture on her Instagram account. Wilson wrote that the collision was “NOT the way I wanted to end this movie”

She continued the account of her accident by stating, “Three stitches and in hospital last night after a stunt accident at 4 am.” In her forthcoming movie, Wilson plays a clandestine spy in the movie stipulated with serving as her best friend’s maid of honor.

However, there are many events happening in Wilson’s life one is while speaking to E! News, she stated that she had considered going through IVF therapy and becoming a mother of two.

“I’m definitely thinking about it, yeah. I would like to have another child,” the Senior Year star told the media outlet. Nevertheless, Wilson, who had her first child, Royce, through a surrogate, had to consider whether it was even feasible to have a second child. “I have to do IVF. We’ll see how it goes,” she answered. Wilson and her fiancée Ramona Agruma, whom she first met in 2021, have a daughter together named Royce.

“Royce is such a miracle. And if she’s my only child, then amazing,” she said about her child. Wilson disclosed in November of last year that she had given birth to Royce through a surrogate. In February of this year, she announced her engagement to Agruma on Instagram.

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