After a 19-year engagement, Michelle Yeoh tied the knot with ex-Ferrari CEO Jean Todt.

The proclaimed Oscar winning actress from Everything Everywhere all at once, Michelle Yeoh married the love of her life, the former CEO of Ferrari, Jean Todt after nineteen years of their engagement.Former Formula one driver, Felipe Massa, took up to instagram the announcement of the couple’s splendid wedding in Geneva Switzerland on 26th July 2023. When Todd was publicly promoting Ferrari in Shanghai in 2004 and Yeoh arrived to take pictures of the occasion, the two had their first charming encounter.

The nuptial program of the couple from Geneva which was revealed by Massa on his instagram post read, “On 26th July 2004, J.T proposed to M.Y and she said YES! Today after 6992 days on 27th July 2023 in Geneva, surrounded by loving family and friends, we are so happy to celebrate this special moment together!” Jean Todt, the former CEO of Ferrari revealed on Twitter about his espousal with Michelle Yeoh, “Now that my other son @MassaFelipe19 has « discreetly » spread the good news, I can happily confirm the union with the Love of my life, Michelle.” Even Yeoh mentioned something about tying knot in her last interview with Los Angeles Times “ A piece of paper doesn’t change it for me, but it means a lot to Jean, so it means a lot to me,”

The Academy award winning actress Michelle Yeoh celebrated her wedding with dreamy and captivating outfits. One gown was beige with a corset and gold detailing. The other was a ruffled-tiered white skirt with a white silk button-up blouse in bridal style. Jean was dressed in a debonair blue suit. Former Formula driver Michael Schumacher was Jean’s consultant towards his approach to Michelle, it was said that the former once learned how to send a text from the latter. Recently Michelle has won her very first Golden Globe, independent Spirit award and nomination, first Oscar award and nomination, second BAFTA nomination, and first Critics’ Choice Awards nomination for her role as Evelyn Wang in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

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