Mini Television Series, “Secret Invasion” Gets The Worst Rating In Mcu’s History

MCU Disney+’s Secret Invasion procures the lowest review rate of thirteen percent on Rotten Tomatoes. According to the recent tweet of DiscussingFilm, “Episode 6 of ‘Secret Invasion’ is the lowest rated MCU project ever.” This television miniseries follows the story of Nick Fury trying to undercover the threat of secret invasions which are carried on by the shapeshifting skrulls which are grueling their way to invade earth. This miniseries created by Kyle Bradstreet is adapted from 2008 Marvel Comics, the latter has the same title as the show. The budget for the show was US﹩211.6 Million including all the six episodes. However, despite the miniseries’ expectancy and suspense, the show proved to be a huge disappointment amongst the awaiting devotees of the MCU universe. It is no doubt as Samuel Jackson’s leading show his performance is considered excellent however the series lacked proper storytelling, visual effects and suffered from poor writing.

Viewers on Twitter are giving their informal reviews of the show about how it would be good to “inject a fresh creativity into the franchise” by introducing some “new cast members.” DT2ComicsChat on twitter claimed how this show is trying to be the “Andor of the MCU,” according to them, “a better constructed story would’ve helped.” The disappointment of the fans is thoroughly vivid throughout the Twitter. A tweet was also sarcastically claiming, “﹩200 Million budget and half the show takes place in this boring af Architectural digest home.” Amongst the Rotten Tomatoes critics, one of the top critic wrote, “Where it should be taut and elliptical, it is insistently talky and overripe with exposition; where it might have been quietly gripping, it flits between scenes of cleanly choreographed action and lethargic exchanges.” But, on the other hand, some of the viewers have also supported the show and found great engagement in it, as one reviewer said, “This modestly pleasing espionage thriller, centered on Samuel L. Jackson’s master spy Nick Fury, can’t escape the supporting cast vibe of some Marvel shows, but at least it puts up a fight.”

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