How Is The Ambassador Of Severe Roles, Cillian Murphy, Ready To Play ‘Ken’? Calls ‘Oppenheimer’ Naive?

Cillian Murphy is the CEO of the austere, sauve and sophisticated characters but would someone as unique as Ken would suit him? Well, if yes then the future audience will be in for a surprise. Cilllan Murphy’s role as J. Robert Oppenheimer opened a road of opportunities for him to embrace. Startling as it may sound, “Oppenheimer” star was asked by Omelete (via Cinéfilos) whether he would like to play ‘Ken’ in the supposed upcoming Barbie sequel with the prequel reaching $162 million during its opening weekend.” Sure, sure. Let’s read the script and talk about it,” Murphy said about playing Ken.

“Would I play a Ken in ‘Barbie 2’? Sure, yeah. Let’s read the script, let’s have a conversation.”

According to Nolan, he thought that “it’s terrific” to have two greatly anticipated movies released in the peak of summer season. He told IGN, “Summer, in a healthy marketplace, is always crowded, and we’ve been doing this a long time. I think for those of us who care about movies, we’ve been really waiting to have a crowded marketplace again, and now it’s here and that’s terrific.”

Murphy also disclosed on IGN his desire to see “Barbie” and it showcases how the star and director of Opppenheimer readily embrace the “Barbenheimer” fever. He said, “I think it’s great. I mean, I’ll be going to see ‘Barbie.’ I can’t wait to see it. I think it’s just great for the industry and for audiences that we have two amazing films by amazing filmmakers coming out the same day. Could spend a whole day in the cinema, what’s better than that?”

Nevertheless, “Oppenheimer” never beat the odds posed by the insane grossing of Barbie. The picture grossed $82 million in its first weekend. It was reported that Murphy went under vigorous transformations for his role of Oppenheimer, the scientist who gave the world atomic power. The star is still wrapped under the after effects of playing Robert Oppenheimer even Robert Downey Jr. commented his praises on how he has never seen an actor like Murphy to ‘sacrifice’ more for a role. However, Murphy’s opinion on the scientist is an articulate one, he told NME, “I do think that he believed it would be the weapon to end all wars. He thought that [having the bomb] would motivate countries to form a sort of nuclear world governance. He was naive.”

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