Michael Cera Reveals Near-Marriage to Aubrey Plaza with the Intention of Divorce and Playful “My Ex-Wife” Title

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Michael Cera, known for his role in Superbad, revealed a quirky anecdote from over a decade ago involving his close friend and former co-star Aubrey Plaza. During a road trip through Las Vegas, the pair jokingly contemplated tying the knot in a spontaneous wedding adventure. Cera shared that they had considered finding an Elvis-themed chapel to obtain a marriage certificate, with the intention of promptly getting a divorce afterward. The humorous idea was to playfully refer to each other as “my ex-husband” and “my ex-wife” when they reached the age of 20.

The actors initially met on the set of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and subsequently embarked on a romantic relationship, as Plaza revealed in 2016. Although they eventually parted ways after a year and a half, Plaza emphasized their enduring friendship during an appearance on the RuPaul: What’s the Tee? podcast. She affectionately described Cera as a “weird little freak” and highlighted their shared sense of humor, emphasizing their continued bond.

Despite their wedding escapade not coming to fruition, Cera continues to hold Plaza in high regard. He commended her unwavering dedication to her craft and expressed admiration for her recent successes, particularly in her role in The White Lotus. Cera was particularly impressed by Plaza’s achievements as a producer and her ability to assemble captivating projects, citing the film Ingrid Goes West as an example of her talent and creativity.

While Plaza eventually married writer and director Jeff Baena in 2021, Cera himself tied the knot with Nadine Cera in 2017. The actors have both moved on romantically but maintain a deep friendship rooted in their shared experiences and comedic sensibilities.

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