When Will the Safdie Brothers Next Movie Start Filming? Adam Sandler Shares Details

In 2019, the Safdie brothers’ thriller film “Uncut Gems” received critical acclaim for Adam Sandler’s exceptional dramatic performance. The duo is set to collaborate with Sandler again for their upcoming film, the details of which are currently undisclosed. However, Sandler recently spoke with Collider’s Steven Weintraub and revealed that the project is expected to begin filming this summer.

Adam Sandler was recently interviewed about his upcoming Netflix comedy film “Murder Mystery 2,” which is set to release on March 31. During the interview, Collider’s Steven Weintraub asked Sandler about his collaboration with the Safdie brothers and if there were any details he could share about their next project. Although Sandler couldn’t reveal much, he did hint that the film would be set in the world of sports memorabilia. He also mentioned that he wanted the Safdie brothers to decide on how they wanted to present the story.

During an interview with Collider’s Steven Weintraub, Adam Sandler revealed that while plans for filming the Safdie brothers’ upcoming project are not yet set in stone, the aim is to begin shooting during the summer. Sandler had previously spoken about the collaboration on the Little Gold Men podcast in October 2022, praising the Safdies’ dedication and intensity in their work. He expressed his admiration for the duo and the effort they put into their films, stating that they would work tirelessly to ensure that the project is of the highest quality.

Set in the world of high-end sports card collecting in the 1990s, a retired Baseball pitcher (Affleck) attempts a comeback as a sports memorabilia agent (Sandler) attempts to capitalize on his success. Megan Thee Stallion is said to play Affleck’s girlfriend. Steve Harvey has also been added to the cast.This is a really eccentric cast and I love to see it.Sandler mentioned to THR a few months back that the script, which seems to be evolving on a daily basis, is currently 340 pages.

“Uncut Gems” marked the first collaboration between Adam Sandler and the Safdie brothers. The success of the film has led to the trio joining forces again for upcoming projects. Their latest venture is an untitled film centered around sports memorabilia, and it will be the first film the Safdies have directed since their critically acclaimed character study in 2018. The earlier film, which currently holds a 91% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, was well-received by audiences and critics alike. While the film didn’t receive any Academy Award nominations, it did win numerous other awards and recognition.

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