Jameela Jamil Criticizes Met Gala’s ‘Famous Feminists’ for Honoring Karl Lagerfeld, a ‘Known Bigot,’ Saying It Highlights Trust Issues with Liberals

Jameela Jamil, the British actress and activist, has taken to social media to criticize the Met Gala’s “famous feminists” for celebrating the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, whom she called a “known bigot.” Jamil’s comments have sparked a debate about the role of feminism in the fashion industry and the need for accountability in the #MeToo era.

The Met Gala, which is one of the most high-profile fashion events of the year, brings together some of the biggest names in fashion, entertainment, and politics. This year’s theme, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” celebrated American designers and their contributions to the industry.

However, for Jamil, the celebration of Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy was a step too far. In a series of tweets, she criticized the event’s attendees for praising Lagerfeld, who had a history of making controversial statements about women, immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Jamil wrote, “It’s very hard to be a ‘famous feminist’ when you support and are happy to be photographed with known bigots. This is why people don’t trust liberals. You can’t just turn ‘feminism’ into a brand for you to sell your sh*t without actually being about it.”

Jamil’s comments have sparked a heated debate on social media, with some defending Lagerfeld’s legacy as a fashion icon, and others agreeing with Jamil’s call for accountability. Many have pointed out that Lagerfeld’s comments about women and minorities were often dismissed as “eccentricities” rather than being called out for what they were – offensive and harmful.

The conversation around feminism and accountability in the fashion industry has been ongoing for years, but Jamil’s comments have brought it back into the spotlight. As the #MeToo movement has shown, the fashion industry is not immune to the systemic issues of sexism and abuse that pervade many industries. It is up to those with power and influence to use their platforms to create change and hold those who perpetuate harmful attitudes and behaviors accountable.

While the Met Gala may seem like a superficial event, its influence on the fashion industry and popular culture cannot be underestimated. Jamil’s comments are a reminder that feminism and social justice cannot be reduced to a brand or a buzzword – they require real action and accountability.

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