Penn Badgley Clarifies His Statement About Fewer Sex Scenes in ‘You’ Season 4, Saying His Comments Were Exaggerated

Penn Badgley, star of the hit Netflix series ‘You,’ recently clarified comments he made about there being fewer sex scenes in the upcoming fourth season of the show. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Badgley explained that his comments had been “blown out of proportion.”

In the interview, Badgley had stated that the show’s creators had made the decision to tone down the sex scenes in season 4. However, he later took to Twitter to clarify his comments, writing, “You all keep asking me about ‘less sex in season 4’ as if it’s gospel, but I never said that nor do I know that to be true.”

The actor went on to explain that his comments had been taken out of context and that he was simply speculating on the direction the show might take in the future. “I was musing on how the show might change aesthetically,” he said. “I am neither confirming nor denying that we’re gonna have more or less sex in season 4.”

Badgley’s comments sparked a flurry of reactions from fans, many of whom expressed disappointment at the prospect of fewer sex scenes. However, the actor’s clarification has put those concerns to rest, and fans can rest easy knowing that the show’s signature steamy scenes will likely continue in the upcoming season.

‘You’ has been a massive success for Netflix, with the third season premiering to rave reviews and a strong viewership. The show follows the story of Joe Goldberg, a charming and manipulative stalker who will stop at nothing to win the affection of his love interests. The series has been praised for its compelling storytelling and its ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

While the actor may have speculated about the direction the show could take, he has made it clear that he has no insider knowledge of any changes to the show’s content. Fans can look forward to another season of steamy scenes and gripping storytelling when ‘You’ returns for its fourth season.

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