South Asian Dancers Express Betrayal Despite ‘Naatu Naatu’ From RRR Making Oscars History”

The song “Naatu Naatu” from the film “RRR” made Oscars history by becoming the first-ever Indian film song to qualify & win for the Best Original Song category. The song features the voices of renowned Indian singers, and its unique blend of traditional Indian folk music and contemporary beats has won over many fans worldwide.

However, some South Asian dancers feel betrayed by the song’s success, as they were not given credit for their contributions to the song’s choreography. According to a report by a leading Indian publication, several dancers claim that they were brought in to choreograph and perform in the song, but were not given credit or compensation for their work.

One dancer, who spoke anonymously said, “We worked hard on this song, and we were not even given credit for it. It’s a shame that our hard work and talent are being used for commercial gain without any recognition or compensation.” The lack of credit and compensation for dancers is a common issue in the Indian film industry, where choreographers and dancers are often not given the recognition or payment they deserve. Many Bollywood dancers and choreographers have spoken out against this practice, and have called for better recognition and compensation for their work.

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