Hollywood Legend Robert De Niro’s Townhouse Was Broken Into, While He Was Inside, Says Police

Frank Sheeran, Ahem Ahem aka (Robert De Niro), was home while a stranger decided to raid his residence, and tried to steal the christmas presents. Well, good for the assailant that De Niro was not in the mood to paint houses. At 2:45 a.m., officers saw the 30-year-old woman known to police “for numerous burglary arrests,” enter the basement of the Oscar-winning actor’s Upper East Side residence. The basement door showed signs of forced entry, New York City police said.

The woman who decided upon herself to raid the De Niro household and steal the christmas presents, was certainly not aware that the Raging Bull was home, a while later De Niro himself came down in a bathrobe, as per the information available from the police, there wasn’t confrontation, The unnamed woman with an impressive criminal record 26 arrests and larceny charges would even put the godfather to shame.

A spokesperson for the actor said, “We are not making any statement at this time about the robbery at the temporary rental home of Robert De Niro.” Although when she was arrested by the police the woman could be heard saying, “I didn’t go to Robert De Niro’s house”, it isn’t clear if she has an attorney, either ways the matter is still under further investigation

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