Breaking Bad duo to get a statue of their own, Albuquerque (New Mexico)

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are two unforgettable television characters, and they now have these two iconic figures from the series who will have a statue of their own. To honor the Emmy-winning AMC series, Vince Gilligan, creator of ‘Breaking Bad’ has taken the task of raising two statues of the characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Speaking in a press release, Gilligan said, “Over the course of 15 years, two TV shows and one movie, Albuquerque has been wonderful to us. I wanted to return the favor and give something back.”

The statues, made in bronze, will be displayed at the Albuquerque Convention Centre in July and will be donated to the city by Gilligan and Sony Pictures Television.

Bryan Cranston played the role of a school teacher in the show who turns into a meth maker – White with the help of his associate, a small-time drug dealer named Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul. ‘Breaking Bad’ had its finale in 2013, which was later promoted to a Netflix movie, ‘El Camino’ and also into AMC’s prequel spin-off series, ‘Better Call Saul,’ which focuses on the origins of Bob Odenkirk’s attorney.

Reacting to the development, actors Cranston and Paul joked in a joint statement, saying, “We also appreciate that the statues will be indoors, and therefore protected from pigeons depositing their critiques on our heads.” The spin-off ‘Better Call Saul’ has earned several nods in the recently announced Emmy nominations, including lead actor Odenkirk and supporting actress Rhea Seehorn taking up top slots, along with a nod in the Outstanding Drama Series category. ‘Better Call Saul’ concludes its last season in 2022 with Odenkirk drawing comparisons to Cranston’s intense performance in ‘Breaking Bad’.

Speaking to The New York Times, Odenkirk reflected upon her decision to take the dramatic role and said, “I always used to scoff and roll my eyes at actors who say, ‘It’s so hard.’ Really? It can’t be.”

“[But] the truth is that you use your emotions, and you use your memories, you use your hurt feelings and losses, and you manipulate them, dig into them, dwell on them,” she added.

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