Colin Farrell’s HBO Max Penguin spinoff will be ‘like a Scarface story.’

Say hello to the Penguin’s new pal!

Following Colin Farrell’s confirmation that a “The Batman” spin-off starring his character Penguin is in the works at HBO Max, producer Dylan Clark has now hinted at the plot, comparing it to another gangster epic: “Scarface.”

“We’re doing one with Colin [Farrell, as Oswald Cobblepot], seeing Oz rise to power, almost like a ‘Scarface’ story,” Clark told SFX Magazine via Gamesradar.”It’s exciting to do something like that just as a standalone, but it speaks to the character and our movie, so you’ll go back to the movie and say, ‘Oh, I see that backstory there, that line refers to this,'” says the director.

Farrell also spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the upcoming series.

“We need to investigate what made him the man he is. Also, I believe it will pick up where this film left off. “I believe it will pick up shortly after the last frame of this film,” Farrell said. “We’ll get to take a little left turn off to the world of Oz and how he’s starting to dream of filling a potential power vacuum that may exist.”

“It’s a lovely, lovely character that explores vulnerabilities,” the actor continued. His violence is obvious, as is his proclivity for violence and his ability to use it as a tool, but [also] to see that we all have soft spots. Every single individual. And it would be fun to be able to find that location and dig around in it.”

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