PETA Is Triggered At Almost Everything In Jackass Forever

Typically, when PETA is offended by something in a film or television show, it is a specific scene or animal-related sight that irritates them. With Jackass Forever, however, this is not the case. The outspoken animal rights group recently sent a letter to prosecutors in Los Angeles and San Obispo counties, citing at least seven separate sequences in what could be the gang’s last film.

Many animals are used in various stunts in Jackass Forever, which frequently end in serious injury to a member of the Jackass crew, as they discussed with us. PETA representatives, on the other hand, believe that the animals biting, stinging, and goring the actors are the true victims. A criminal probe is being demanded. A section of the letter sent by PETA is seen below.

“If Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville want to make a living off of nefarious young boy dreams, they have every right to do so as long as they don’t stress, damage, poke, prod, terrify, or upset animals who are utilized as living props for their lunacy. While the rest of the world seeks to rescue bees and acknowledges animals as sentient persons, these jackasses exploit and torture them for amusement, according to PETA.”

Bees are made to swarm around Jackass star Steve-O’s penis in one scene that PETA finds offensive. Many people sting him as a result of the turmoil. In another scenario, newcomer Rachel Wolfson has a scorpion repeatedly bite her in the face and lip area, giving her her own version of Botox. PETA evidently thought these were particularly offensive, though they also mentioned the turtle-biting Chris Pontius, the bull-baiting Johnny Knoxville, and the snake-biting Poopies.

If you don’t mind such things and are a fan of the earlier Jackass installments, you’ll enjoy this one. Jackass Forever is a wild rollercoaster filled with genital torture, brain traumas, and high-concept comedy that straddle the This Is Spinal Tap line between ridiculous and smart. It’s also a narrative about camaraderie and affection between the crew members, the majority of whom have returned. Response from fans has been really strong, and it has gotten very strong reviews from critics, as well. We gave it four stars, however, I have a feeling PETA would have given it a different rating.

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