Pamela Anderson On Her Upcoming Hulu Series: It Was Very Painful

Pam & Tommy, a new Hulu series, has triggered some extremely sad emotions. “For Pamela Anderson and anybody who loves her, the impending Pam & Tommy Hulu series has been tremendously difficult,a source tells ET. “It’s incredible that this series is permitted to air without her permission.”

“The greatest love tale ever marketed,” according to Anderson’s marriage to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. The first three episodes of the series will air on Hulu on Wednesday, Feb. 2, followed by new episodes every week. An expanded trailer was released earlier this month, depicting another aspect of Anderson and Lee’s iconic sex video scandal and the intense roller-coaster ride the couple went through after the infamous sex tape was leaked.

After marrying in Mexico after dating for less than a week, the actress and rock star’s burgeoning love became instant tabloid fodder. Anderson, who has two kids with Lee, Brandon, and Dylan, says she has no regrets in her life, save for one terrible moment, according to an ET source. “Pamela has no regrets in her life,” the source claimed, “but this burglary is the only thing she would probably delete.” She still feels betrayed to this day. It reminds her of a particularly difficult period in her life.”

Former employee Rand Gauthier (Seth Rogen) and his friend Uncle Miltie (Nick Offerman) devise a scheme to steal a massive safe from Anderson and Lee’s home in the latest trailer. The sex tape the couple made on their honeymoon in 1995 was found in the safe. Gauthier and Miltie try to sell the tape, and despite the fact that the internet is still in its infancy, they succeed. Later in the teaser, Anderson is seen on the set of Baywatch, wearing her iconic red swimsuit and tripping onto the show’s staff huddled over a TV, watching her and Tommy’s most private moment on film. Anderson, as played by Lily James, is completely taken aback. But what about Lee? Not so much. According to the source, Lee, played by Sebastian Stan, can’t figure out why Anderson is laughing so hard, and it’s a feeling he still has to this day.

While Lee has given the series his blessing (he told ET he had no objections about Stan portraying him), Anderson is currently divorcing her fourth spouse. In fact, she appears to have desired to be so far removed from the project that James’ attempts to contact her were met with silence. James recently disclosed that she tried unsuccessfully to reach Anderson about the project.

“I was really hoping she’d be a part of it. I wish things had gone differently “For the cover story of Net-a-Porter, James told Porter. “My only goal was to stay true to the story and portray Pamela as accurately as possible.”

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