The Wall- Climb For Gold Review

Premiered on 18th January, WindFall Films’ highly anticipated latest production, ‘The Wall- Climb for Gold’ is a documentary feature film which is equally inspiring and insightful.

Directed by Nick Hardie, the documentary revolves around four elite climbers- Janja Garnbret, Shauna Coxsey, Brooke Raboutou, and Miho Nonaka, over a time period of two years. They battle through Olympic qualifying events to earn their place at Tokyo, then face a grueling season of competition and training that sees everything put on hold when the Covid-19 pandemic forces the Games to be postponed. As the young women confront their own mental and physical demons en-route to Tokyo, the film reveals an astonishing and inspiring insight into what it takes to be an Olympian and ultimately what it means to be human.

‘The Wall- Climb for Gold’ gives us a glimpse into the lives of four ambitious climbers and their ways of survival. From family life to personal obstacles to professional challenges, this documentary provides us a medium from which we can see the different perspectives of passion and love possessed by the four climbers for the sport and the length they are willing to go in order to qualify for the Olympics. Even though all the four women come from different blocs of life, they possess a mutual interest — the same desire when it comes to climbing that wall.

Every climber has a distinct story, a different insight into what brought them closer to this sport initially. They also have a different way of dealing with their struggles. How they redefine the sport and overcome their battles in their own ways is something truly extraordinary. Family and support from the loved ones play an extremely vital role in the climbers’ journey. The constant support that they receive can be witnessed till the very end of the documentary. This documentary provides a fresh set of eyes for the audience to know exactly how much commitment and training each of the four climbers went through in order to earn that one spot in a competition that aims to change their lives forever.

Watching this documentary is like being with the four Olympians every step of their journey. The film gives us an insight to every feeling and emotion that runs in their veins throughout the entirety of the competition. The score and narration over that final sequence is just a cherry on top. This documentary is a must-watch for every sports fan out there.

“The Wall- Climb for Gold” is available to watch on Apple TV-

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