Raid remake currently in development under Netflix

Netflix is looking to recreate one of the biggest modern action movies – The Raid. The Indonesian film, along with its sequel The Raid Redemption will be re-imagined for Western audiences and will have Michael Bay producing along with XYZ Films. The original movies’ director, Gareth Evans will be on board as an executive producer. The new director will be Patrick Hughes (The Hitman’s Bodyguard), who will also co-write the project with James Beaufort.

The concept of the first Raid film was simple – a group of elite policemen from Jakarta go to arrest a ruthless crime lord, who lives in a massive old building. Murderers, junkies, thieves, and everything in between reside in various levels, and all are underlings of the crimelord.

Netflix will be Americanizing the film, with the location being Philadelphia and its “Badlands” area. The story will follow an elite undercover DEA task force attempting to catch an elusive kingpin while dealing with a gang of cartel informants.

The production team from Netflix released a statement saying that they’re very excited to see Patrick’s unique vision of The Raid, which promises a fresh take on the material while also paying respect to the original films. The movie was in the pipeline for many years until Netflix managed to scoop it up and get the project rolling.

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