Star Wars ‘Rogue Squadron’ Delayed as Patty Jenkins Has Other Commitments

The release of ‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’ has been postponed.

Patty Jenkins, the filmmaker of ‘Wonder Woman’ is poised to direct the next sci-fi feature, but fans will have to wait a bit longer because Patty’s scheduling commitments will prevent the film from being released in 2022. Jenkins and writer Matthew Robinson had been making progress with Lucasfilm for almost a year, and it was expected to start pre-production before the end of the year. According to insiders, the producers and production team realized that Jenkins’ schedule and other obligations would prevent the film from being completed next year.

‘Rogue Squadron has been dropped from the development plan, but the December 2023 release date is still in place.

Patty is also developing a third ‘Wonder Woman’ picture, which could be pushed up as a part of the recent ‘Star Wars film’s postponement, according to sources. Jenkins is expected to return to the assignment once she has completed her other obligations. Star Wars projects are also in the works at Lucasfilm, like this one from Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige and the other from auteur Taika Waititi.

Patty stated earlier this year that the script for ‘Rogue Squadron’ was nearly finished and that the film’s development was “doing wonderfully.”

The quinquagenarian director said: “It’s going swimmingly. I’d been on it for six months before I even publicized it, so we’re already very far along. We’re wrapping up a script and putting together a crew, and everything is going swimmingly. I’m incredibly excited about the concept and the fact that we’re the next chapter of ‘Star Wars,’ which is a huge responsibility and a great opportunity to create something new. In that sense, it’s very thrilling.”

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