Review: A Quiet Place 2

The subtle part about A Quiet Place is the Horror which serves as the basic tenet of the entire franchise. Whatever is unnatural or rather not understood is classified as horror.

What is truly dismal is the way the quiet place has turned into a profiteering money-making tool, rather than a genuine piece of art.

Art after all depends on how an artist tends to portray it. The artistic side of the spectrum certainly sees this as a form of presentation of the supernatural. However let me bring your attention to something more important, what is the basic idea of a horror film? To scare people? No, it’s to picture the fear of the audience and give it depth.

While the first film did its job pretty well, the second film seems to have done nothing significant. But it’s all not too bad. I mean it’s scary in it’s own way.

Believe me if you aren’t a snowflake, this film won’t turn you into a nervous wreck as some claim. However it certainly has an enormous level of tension which will compel you to sit where you are and keep on watching it.

It’s also hard not to relate on some fundamental level to the film’s anxious, desperate, dystopian mindset. Our world is obviously nothing like the devastated, post-apocalyptic ruin onscreen, but after a year in which so many of us wound up having to exercise the more paranoid, survivalist sides of our personalities, this sort of thing just hits different.

It’s not quite cathartic. Human civilization in these pictures is too far gone for anything like that but watching the film, you can sense some prehistoric, limbic corner of your brain coming to life yet again.

Beyond the many jump scares involving aliens and the terrifically terrified-out-of-their-wits performances there certainly are elements which make you wonder how and why things are actually happening.

But nevertheless, the genre relies on our understanding of narrative turns and the characters’ thinking exactly when a film needs us to. That certainly has its own merits as the audience isn’t really going to have the enormous amount of patience to demystify everything separately.

All in all, it’s admirable but not like the first part, but nevertheless, it’s good entertainment. I will give you that, besides there are enough things in the film to scare you even if some may be just outlandish but still scary.

Score : 7 out of 10

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