Lord of the Rings Game in Jeopardy, Amazon decides to Cancel the MMO due to disagreements

Nothing to gain anymore from Lord of the Rings. While taking into consideration that the gaps are far too much to be covered.

Amazon has finally canceled its Lord of the Rings free-to-play MMO, the project was first revealed in 2019, and was developed jointly by Amazon, Athlon Games, Leyou. This became a sensation when it became news that Amazon and media giant Tencent couldn’t reach a proper agreement.

This came after Tencent took over Leyou, both the companies were not able to reach an agreement and the project has been effectively stalled. And this has resulted in massive disappointments from the fans.

Last summer Amazon decided to lay off a lot of employees as well as developers because of the ongoing economic crisis. If that’s not all, Amazon has also cancelled a few more of its noted projects. Such as the Free to Play Crucible.

It also unreleased New world. Such blatant shocks to the audience who are hardly now excited about amazon games. This certainly comes at a time when increasing the people are looking forward to more and more exciting options.

Keeping personal opinions aside the continuous cancellation and reduction of fan favourites especially a game like Lord of the Rings which certainly has interested a lot of people.

It seems the people who work for Amazon also expressed some form of disappointment over the fact that this has weakened the trust of people in Amazon Game Studios. But the issue here is that looking at the ongoing economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic certainly has reduced the options of many companies.

Who has suffered substantially due to this pandemic Apart from that, Lord of the Rings seems like a distant dream now and a bit confusing as well? The case is that Lord of the Rings will certainly have made a great impact on gamers and LOR fans alike but the jeopardy certainly has restricted everything.

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