“…and that who trod no different got no soul to hark

No light be potent and merry without a little dark…”

Ever wondered how many lives do we live within a single life?

What we lived is our past, what we are living, is our future’s past, and what we will live will once again, be our past. A never-ending loop, with no beginning and no end, comprises of life.

And this loop is impeccably presented in DARK.

This 2017 German television series is more than a mindbender. Where the proverb goes to think outside the box, looks like the writers of DARK thought like there is no box.

The story commences with the summer of 2019 when Michael Kahnwald commits suicide in the town of Winden. Still suffering from depression in consequence of his father’s untimely death, Jonas Kahnwald makes it to November, along with his nightmares.

But strange things are just about to begin when a child disappears near the caves of Winden and  Michael’s strange letter that is to be opened precisely on the 4th of November 2019 after 22:13 PM. What happens next is indescribable in words, but something that is to be seen and felt.

A sci-fi thriller with unique and original content that serves to be its X-factor, DARK is not only a treat for the eyes but a whole feast for the mind. Bluntly or symbolically, it compels us to question our very own existence and the purpose of this life. Where people tend to see things in black and white, DARK captures our focus on that grey area, which has been a product of the two forces.

Time is God. And DARK proves it. Where beginning is the end, and end is the beginning; where the past influences the future, and the future influences the past, we find ourselves in this infinite circle.

With stunning visuals, a charismatic cast, great cinematography, engaging soundtrack, and brilliant direction, DARK is a must-watch.

What adds more to the beauty of this ‘DARK’ universe is the flawless casting of the performers. Whether it be the teenage, adulthood or the actors casted for the old age, the resemblance among them is uncanny, thanks to the wonderful work of the casting directors. The cast, could be considered the Unique Selling Proposition of this show.

A true hidden gem, this Netflix original series promises to go down in history as one of the most memorable and brilliant shows in the history of cinema.

As W.B. Yeats once said, “Argument with someone else is rhetoric. Argument with yourself is poetry.” And DARK is poetical (for those who get it). No single person stays the same once you’ve watched DARK. Everyone gets a food for thought, depending on what they want to eat.

Some might start seeing Time as a drop and pursue the ocean, some might get more interested in the Triquetra and parallel universes, some might start exploring the caves around them, and some might want to know more about their lineage, while all of us would be craving for a yellow raincoat.

And it does not end here. DARK is where secrets hide, as they do in our lives. When we come to connect our lives to it, it won’t be surprising to find that secrets run in every family, whether their discovery would be pleasant or not, is not for us to say. All this time, one thing can be fully comprehended –

Nothing in this world is strange as long as you accept it.

The show might consist of supernatural elements or references, but an in-depth study would show that it only asks the same questions that we do on a daily basis. But where there is an explanation needed, DARK endeavors to provide it.

DARK is one those shows that need to be in the bucket list of every cinephile. And it’s always a little heartbreaking when such masterpieces remain underrated.  But as the audience grows, the day is not far when DARK receives the recognition it deserves. And as the worldwide recognition grows, people would realize that this series is not restricted to the sole purpose of entertainment, but also introduces us to the various concepts and studies we’ve been unaware of.

The originality and freshness of this show has become an inspiration to the budding minds, who wish to create something new and now find it to be possible. And with platforms like Netflix which promotes young talent and fresh stories, soon there’ll be a plethora of such wondrous works.

 The concept of Time is ancient, but the story is like never-seen-before. Go for DARK, it’s worth your time and ‘time’, is precious.

Sic Mundus Creatus Est: Thus the world was created, and what a wonderful world, what a wonderful world…

  1. I watched this series too and I’m glad you chose this. It indeed was a mindbender 😂
    You did an excellent job summarising the entire series and I’m proud of you beta 😊

  2. Tanishka well done on this beautiful writing. Really happy for you. You have to think of my name…. but well done.

  3. Very impressively written. Although I have already watched DARK twice, but your article is tempting me to watch it again.
    “You and I are perfect for each-other,
    Never believe anything else.”
    I really loved your write-up. Keep writing.
    God Bless You… ☀️

  4. Brother I am so proud of you.
    Well this show is still in my wishlist 😅 but reading your impeccable article about this show I’m definitely going to watch it.

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